The correct mindset to make money online

The correct mindset to make money online 

Hello and welcome to The best place to make money online.

My name is Prashanna. I live in Nepal and enjoy every moment of my life. Being a full time Internet Marketer I do a little bit of everything related to online marketing. Internet is full of innovations.Everyone wants to make money online but one needs a correct mindset to be successful online. Brand new tools, awesome methods to earn money pops up every day.

My main focus among all other methods are YouTube marketing, Email marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram promotion, E-commerce, CPA(Cost per Acquisition) etc. Actually, the list goes on and on. I have always made money online due to my consistency and hard work (Just kidding! I work smart not hard). It was never an easy journey in the beginning of my online career. I lost a lot of money trying to make money online. Met lots of scammers online who made fake promises in order to take scam me of my hard earned money.  However, I thank them  because I then started learning new ways to make money myself. Was more focused and independent. You will know more about me slowly and steadily. This is me paragliding up above 2000 ft.

Freedom Life working from home

Let me ask you guys a few questions.

  • How happy are you doing your current 9-5 job?
  • Do you like your boss or do you hate him/her?
  • Whatever the case, are you giving enough time to your family?
  • Is your job paying you well in order to live a life that you have always dreamed about?

Let me know the answers in the comments below or you can contact me directly so that I can help you according to your current experience and goals. I guess you are here because you want freedom while making money from home. You need to improve your financial status. You need to focus on your family. You need to travel the world without worrying about anything else. In short, you need to enjoy life to the fullest without any worries at all. In order to achieve all these you need to make money online.

So what are the best online jobs or how to make money online? Does it sound too easy to make money online? If you think making money online is very easy and investing just a few hours per week is enough for you to succeed you are in the wrong boat my friend.

You must not take online business lightly. You have to treat it like any other offline business. This is where many Entrepreneurs fail day by day. They think it is very easy to make money online and jump in without thinking twice. They do not want to put in work but need results.Thinking work at home job is an autopilot income stream where money is pumped out of a tube well every hour without dedication is a myth . This mindset is totally wrong. You won’t be a millionaire overnight. There is a lot of learning curve while working online at home just like any other business.

You are learning everyday without any end when working online. In order to make money online and succeed you need to invest some money in certain tools. You need a hosting, a domain name, certain tracking tools (very important), some useful software’s to make work  easier and faster. These are few things you need in order to move ahead of the crowd to succeed. If you take these investments as a burden or a waste of money then you are looking to work at home but with the wrong mindset. So think again before starting your online business.

Best online jobs will help you move in the correct direction but cannot spoon feed you. It is you who have to focus and make it a point to succeed. You need to take action. You need to believe in yourself. You need to be self motivated. You need the desire to succeed no matter what. You can read hundreds of  guides and thousands of articles relating to make money online but if you do not take action it is of zero use. Only action takers will succeed. This is my first and final warning. TAKE ACTION TODAY. Don’t leave it for tomorrow Taking action is only the way to make $1000 per day or more.

You can work from any part of the world no matter where you live. Anyone can make money whether you are a house wife or a doctor. All you need is a computer/laptop and an internet to start making money online.

Now let’s go in detail about how best online jobs will help you succeed online.

You may have already known that around 99% of online software’s, make money online guides and people that act as Gurus are scammers. Best Online Jobs will help you find the genuine software’s, courses and tools that will make you money or make it easy for you on your way to success.

I will also be teaching you methods that is making me money. Connection with lots of similar people who is working online around the globe from the comfort of their homes. We can share ideas, we can learn new stuffs.

Work at home jobs is now in different forms. For example you may like video marketing. You may like paid ads if you have enough funds to invest frontend. You may just like making money taking surveys. It all depends on your skills, your dedication and what you are interested in.

Here in Best Online Jobs I will focus on what is genuine way to make money no matter what way. I won’t focus on only email marketing or only video marketing but I will diversify and will write about the good affiliate companies you should join. Awesome software’s one should have as an internet marketer, product reviews, earning method reviews and so on.

Best Online Jobs will be a platform for you to make that start you have always thought of. You will be given the step wise process to start your journey. Everything will be laid down and only thing needed for you is to take action. It will not be so easy but it won’t be an impossible journey.

People give up very soon. They make a product for example or promote someone else’s product. Send some traffic via paid ads or YouTube or Instagram. After one day or two days if they don’t see results they step back. They start preaching work at home Jobs are all scam. It does not work etc. Let’s take an example of any offline business.

For example- You want to open a restaurant or a motel. You buy a flat, buy furniture, decorate the place and hire waiters and managers to run the restaurant.  Now without telling anyone or without promotion will customers comes out of nowhere automatically? Even if one customer comes will you be in profit right away? NOWAY! You will only profit when you let the world know about your restaurant. People will slowly start coming in. If the service is cool they will start recommending their friends and family. Slowly the flow of customers’ increases and you will start to make profit. The investment you made will start to recover. Without investment you would be left without a business. Similarly, in case of online business you need to invest some money on tools and software’s.

After promotion via YouTube marketing or any other traffic sources  you will slowly start to make money. If you can make $1 online you can make $10000 online. It is all about scaling up. If you follow what I have stated above you will succeed online no matter where you are from. The above tip that I gave you will be enough for you to move in the correct direction with the correct mindset. Success is inevitable if you try and never give up.

I read a story when I was a little kid. There was a spider that fell off his web in a windy day due to the force of the wind. Falling on the other side of the wall was a disastrous. He jumped and tried to get back to his web. Tried once, twice and failed. He thought of giving up. The next day he decided to focus and try again. On his seventh attempt he succeeded to get back on his web.

Similarly, in life there will be lots of ups and down. Sometimes you may tend to give up but remember if you give your best you will succeed eventually. You just have to focus on what you are interested in. Focus on what you need to accomplish. Plan ahead. Stay motivated. Try again. Sometime one method or one tool that you thought would make you money won’t make you money because the tool may no longer work. You may not be satisfied with the results. This does not mean you have to quit. There are hundreds of methods to make money online. You just need to find the one that is compatible with you. Be a Champion. Believe in yourself even when no one else does.

I really wish you luck in your upcoming ventures. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter because I can’t always write an article to post here because I am a busy person. I may just shoot an email with steps on new ways to make money online if I find anything worth quick sharing.

We are here to share our knowledge and make money online together.

You can always contact me if you find a new method to earn money because knowledge is never enough. Perfection is just a myth. Thank You.


Skype- catchprashanna (Mention the code-’’Jamesbond007’’ to be accepted. This is to avoid other nonsense requests from bots.)






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