Make $200-$300 per day using a secret software

Make $200-$300 per day using a secret software

Making $200-$300 per day was a dream when I started my online career. I am sure many of you are still struggling to meet this figure. Your worries are now about to end. Today I am going to introduce you to the most powerful software that has made me money every day almost hands free. It is a tool that can extract emails from Facebook groups and fan pages.  A Facebook email extractor tool. It has a lot of other features that will blow your mind. What is this tool all about and how can you make $200-$300 per day from home using this tool alone? Are you excited to learn about this tool and bank hard? Let’s go in depth and know more about it. You will start making money in no time.

Have you heard the saying ’’Money is in the list’’? What actually is a list? A list in an Internet Marketing term means email address of people who has opted in to receive emails from you. It is really hard and time consuming to build a list if you are new to Internet Marketing. There are a lot of ways to build a list but I will get to that later. Making a list or collecting email address is tough time. I knew there was an easier way to build a list so I did some research. Found this software which was made by Adam. The name of the software/tool is MAILBIZ. Big GURUS were using it secretly and were making a lot of money out of it.

I contacted Adam the creator of this awesome software and quickly asked him more about Facebook email extractor tool. To my surprise he showed me all the features and potential of the software. I had to buy it immediately. I knew I found a Goldmine. Back then the software was not out to the public.

I started to make around $50 per day immediately using the software. Adam is a good hard working guy who continuously updates the software. More features were added every now and then. My earnings increased and I started to make roughly $200-$300 per day. I still make $200-$300 per day. This can be scaled up if you take massive action.Some good days especially on weekends I make around $500+ per day. All these are made working just 1 hour per week. Everything is done by the software. I do have a secret sauce if you join from this site.

How the software actually works and how can you make money out of it?

Steps 1: Register to MAILBIZ here. >CLICK HERE<




Scroll down to Facebook Email Extractor as shown below.


I will tell you what it is about:-

Fanpage Email Extractor: This feature extracts emails from targeted fan page. Now let me reveal you the secret. Suppose you have a product in any niche. For example: laptops. Now you can go ahead and find Facebook fan pages related to laptop lovers or Gadgets. You can now use the tool to extract email addresses of people who have liked the fan page related to laptops or gadgets. The software extracts thousands of email address of people who are interested in laptops or gadgets. After you collect the email addresses of the people you can now send bulk email them using software that Adam will tell you about after buying the software. You are emailing targeted people who love gadgets and laptops. Since they are interested in laptops they are your targeted and potential clients. You can get lots of sell because you are emailing to thousands who are interested in laptops or gadgets. They are all targeted customers. You can do this again and again and make tons of money. Trust me I have done this.Facebook email extractor tool which extracts emails from fan pages of your niche is definitely powerful.I can’t stress more.Get hold of the software now. Here is the link.

Post Email Extractor- This is a more powerful feature. Post email extractor tool helps you to extract emails of people who have just liked a post or commented on a post. For example: You want to sell a poem book.Find a fan page related to poem lovers or poets. Find a latest post related to a poem book which people are talking about in a poem lover fan page or groups. Extract email address of those people who have liked and commented in the post. You can send them an email talking about your poem book and your offer thus you will get sales. The potential is unlimited.

You do not need to have a product to use this tool and make money. You can join affiliate sites like, and promote any products and make a commission out of it. I used to promote a gardening guide to people who were interested in gardening. I made $9765 in my first month with gardening niche alone.

Friend Email Extractor- You can extract email addresses of your friends. Suppose you have a friend who is a doctor. Now he will have a lot of friends who is a doctor or a nurse. You can extract emails of such friend’s friend and offer them something. In this case I would offer a personal website for them. Of course I need to be a software developer to offer this. Do you see the potential and power of this tool?

 Phone Extractor Tool– Now if you scroll further down you will find the Phone Extractor tool.

This tool is similar to the Email Extractor Tool but in this case phone number is extracted instead of emails. You can extract phone numbers of people who are in certain niche and make cold calls. For example: You are in a Real Estate niche. This feature will be very useful for you to contact potential home buyers. Just think and you can get a lot of ideas.

Facebook Advance Group Search Tool- This tool helps you find the most popular fan pages and groups in any niche you need.

There are thousands of fan pages in Facebook but the most engaging ones are hard to find. This tool helps you find fan pages and groups according to your desired location. Suppose you have a product A which you want to sell in France. You can find groups and fan pages by location. Now you can extract emails of people living in France only. This way you can promote your products to people in certain location.


Post and Schedule Tool- Suppose you have a fan page or group related to your product.

You can now post content on autopilot mode. You can go on a vacation by scheduling posts. This tool will post everyday on your scheduled time. It will also track which post is getting the most engagements and which posts works better than the others.


Content Search- This is a feature which is very handy.

You can discover the most viral contents on Facebook. What is working and what is not. Get tons of take idea from it. Facebook page insight helps you get the data of what is working and helps you decide what to post. What is trending on Twitter, Buzz feed and YouTube can all be found out very easily. Trending videos are helpful if you want to do Video marketing. You know what people are posting daily and which videos are going viral. You will also get free stock images for you to use freely. Images are costly and free ones are hard to find so this tool is helpful.

Yellow Page Email Extractor and training videos-

Yellow page email extractor extracts emails from You can extract email address of let’s say lawyers and sell those email leads to companies that needs lawyer’s contacts. This is just an example of what you can use it for. I can go on for days with ideas using this tool.

Check out the training videos and blog post to learn about the software and tricks to make money.

Newly Added feature FB Ecommerce Spy Tool-

FB Ecommerce spy tool is a very powerful spy tool.It can be used closely with Facebook email extractor tool. It can find which products are trending. Which products are being bought by people the most? This will help you to get an idea of what products are being sold. You can sell similar products from an affiliate site. Suppose you want to sell a flashlight. You can Google ’’Flashlight Affiliates’’ and can join and start promoting the products. It’s so easy. You just need the desire to make money.

Timely updates and new features are being added to this software(Facebook Email Extractor tool)always. You can’t go wrong while choosing Facebook email extractor tool because it is the most powerful and trusted software I know. I highly recommend this software.

Now Go and make some money!! Remember what I told you??

Taking action is the only way you can succeed and make money.

Don’t leave it for tomorrow.



There are many different packages for you to choose. I can help you choose the best one. 

Business Edition – It has all the features. Onetime payment and you are good to go. Highly Recommended Edition!!!

E-commerce Edition – If you are interested in the spy tool edition only you can buy this edition but remember you have to pay $67 every month. Business Edition has all the features so go for business edition.E-commerce edition does not have Facebook email extractor tool.

Enterprise Edition- If you are not in any Ecommerce niche you can go for this edition which is a onetime payment too. But Ecommerce is a very profitable niche to be on.

Professional Edition-If you are short of money you can try this edition for a month or two. This edition will eat your money a lot in the long run. Paying monthly will be costly. So switch fast whenever you can.




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